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Services woodworking


CNC routing operations


- routing in 3 ax - profiles, doorfronts, special components for industry, custom 


- routing in 4 ax - 3D components - curved door fronts

- routing in 5 ax - 3D forms, components into furniture, gambling, naval & airindustry,


- drilling - into 5 faces, but also in 3D with different angles

 - maximum dimension of stock is 5500 mm x 1350 mm x 350 mm


professional K 1 649x293


Surface glueing


* surface glueing of veneer, CPL, HPL foils, layering of materials, paper, aluminium,

   polyuretan, etc.

* maximum surface of press is 3300 x 1300 x 400 mm, bigger materials are able to do

   with more pressing operations

* we are glueing with brand glues - RAKOL, EMFI - standardly we use D3 PVAC and D4 PVAC,

   polyuretans, epoxides





Surface sanding of wooden materials /egalisation/

of witdh material up to 1100 mm